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Advanced Battery Systems has been providing batteries for portable equipment for over 35 years. The Company was established in Connecticut as a manufacturer of battery packs for two-way radios. With assembly capability and Sanyo Energy (FDK) as a primary vendor, ABS has grown to be a major supplier of assembled battery packs.


Many of our rechargeable battery packs are assembled at our facility in East Bridgewater, MA U.S.A. Any battery packs that we do not assemble in East Bridgewater, are assembled overseas at our affiliate sites, and are met at our door with very stringent quality control standards. The materials that we use in our battery assemblies are of very high quality, as we will not settle for low cost, low quality product.

Other suppliers we represent include PowerSonic (AGM sealed lead acid batteries, powersport batteries), Evergreen (primary lithium batteries), Duracell (alkaline and primary lithium batteries), Enersys (AGM, Lead Acid batteries) and Deka (AGM, Lead Acid, Powersport).


We can build custom battery packs to your specifications. At our stoughton facility, we have the necessary equipment to efficiently produce battery assemblies at high or low volume. Our processes include hot melt gluing, spot welding, soldering, sonic welding, milling, solvent bonding, and of course testing.

We have inventory of all the necessary components to meet your battery safety requirements. With parts from Raychem/Tyco (PolySwitch*) and Texas Instruments (Klixon*), we can build safety into your battery. Wether you need a simple shrink wrapped battery with wire leads, or a complex battery housed in a hard plastic case, we can help you meet your goals.

Many of our customers require connector assemblies. Our stock room includes a wide range of cable, lead wire, and connectors from sources such as Belden, Alpha, Molex, Switchcraft, and AMP. We also have hardware for pressure contacts and PCB mounting. With an extensive database of dependable suppliers, we have sources for standard, hard to find, and custom components.

External battery packs are becoming very popular as smaller devices utilize smaller batteries. Although convenient and lightweight, sometimes the smaller sized batteries supplied with electronic equipment is not right for a particular application. For this situation, we have developed several custom sized, external battery packs. This type of product can be very useful with PDA's, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras, and OEM applications. Please contact us for more information.

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