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| Lithium Primary |

A lithium primary battery (non-rechargeable) uses lithium metal or a lithium aluminum alloy in its negative electrode (anode) and manganese dioxide in its positive electrode (cathode). SANYO's primary lithium battery (CR series) was first released in 1976.


We stock a large selection of lithium primary batteries. Below is a table listing the most popular model numbers. You can purchase most of these items online at www.batteryprice.com.

2CR-1/3N 6v 160mAh Lithium cylindrical
2CR5 6v 1300mAh Lithium camera
BR-1225 3v 48mAh Lithium Coin coin
BR-2/3A 3v Lithium Battery cylindrical
BR-2325 3v 165mAh Lithium Coin coin
CR-1/3N 3v 160mAh Lithium cylindrical
CR1025 3v Lithium coin
CR1220 3v 35mAh Lithium coin
CR123A 3v 1300mAh Lithium camera
CR12600SET 3v 1400mAh Lithium cylindrical
CR12600SET/T 3v 1400mAh Lithium w/tabs cylindrical
CR14250SET 3v 850mAh Lithium cylindrical
CR14250SET/T 3v 850mAh Lithium w/tabs cylindrical
CR15400-FT1 3v 1300mAh Lithium cylindrical
CR1616 3v Lithium Coin Battery coin
CR1620 3v Lithium coin
CR17335 3v Lithium cylindrical
CR17335SET 3v 1700mAh Lithium cylindrical
CR17335SET-FT 3v 1700mAh Lithium cylindrical
CR17450SET 3v 2500mAh Lithium cylindrical
CR2 3v 850mAh Lithium camera
CR2016 3v 80mAh Lithium coin
CR2025 3v 140mAh Lithium coin
CR2032 3v 190mAh Lithium coin
CR2032-FT10 3v 190mAh Lithium coin
CR2032-T14-1 3v 190mAh Lithium coin
CR2430 3v 270mAh Lithium coin
CR2430P12 3v 270mAh Lithium coin
CR2450 3v 500mAh Lithium coin
CR-P2 6v Lithium camera
CR-V3 3v Lithium Photo Battery camera
EL123AP 3v Lithium Photo camera
EL223AP 6v Lithium Photo camera
EL2CR5 6v Lithium Photo camera
L544 6v lithium battery camera
L91 1.5v AA Lithium cylindrical
LS33600 3.6v Lithium cylindrical
U9VL Ultralife 9v Lithium 9v style
UB 123A 3v Lithium Photo camera
UB 223A 6v Lithium Photo camera
UB 2CR5 6v Lithium Photo camera


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